Saturday, April 10, 2010

Whole Wheat Please

I'm quickly seeing that I can't instantly remove myself from the everyday social scenes where food is involved. I still want to eat out with friends on a Friday night and most of them aren't craving what's on the raw menu. So last night when a group of friends wanted to eat at Arella's Pizzaria—a new locally owned Italian place on 535 W. 400 N. in Bountiful—I looked up the menu online and then called the restaurant. I explained that I eat only whole wheat pizza crust and asked if they would be able to make my pizza with whole wheat bread dough. The girl said hold on, and when she came back on the line she said they would make me a special order of it! Can you believe that? It never hurts to ask. The great customer care, uniquely delicious wood fire oven pizzas, and huge, cozy booths will definitely take me back Arella's soon. Thanks for helping me eat right, Arella's!

PS: Since friends make everything more fun, Sam (who I mentioned in a previous post) is joining me on this blog. She's always the first one to say, "Please pass the green," and then she chows down because she knows what's good. I'm not quite up to her level yet. My ratio for veggies to fruits is about 1:5 and Sam's is 1:1. She's hardcore. And the best part about Sam is that she likes to keep passing the green on to everyone she knows. Bienvenido, Sameranth.

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