Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When you know you've come to the end . . . or the beginning.

So I'd driven into a parking garage, rolled down my window, and was frantically straining to reach the ticket. The only problem was I couldn't lift my left arm to save my life because of elbow bursitis, so I was pressed against the car door, flopping my right arm out the window and trying not to cry out in pain. I thought, "This is it! I'm done. I can't do this anymore. Something has to change." That was almost a week ago, the day I turned 29.

And things did start to change. I researched better food choices on my own and listened to health insights of friends—they somehow must've sensed I was gathering health information. Over this past weekend I shared with some friends and family that I was now ready to jump right into a lifestyle of green smoothies, blender buying, and making my own almond milk.

Then on Monday I hit the end again. I had class and missed the bus, so I drove myself to campus instead. All parking meters were occupied, so I ended up down the hill, about a quarter of a mile from class. In the process of parallel parking, I tweaked my bad elbow (frustration no.1). Then I started limping up the hill because I now have arthritis in my right knee (frustration no.2) and a foot with a stress fracture (frustration no.3). Writing all this makes me feel like a negligant parent, like I should hand myself over to the officials for abuse. Anyways, I'm done feeling bad. So in that moment I felt irked and I wanted to cry because I didn't like what's happening in my life.

Monday's experience reinforced that I cannot wait any longer to make a new healthy beginning. So that beginning is tomorrow. Hah! No, really. I'm not procrastinating. This is the real thing. Why tomorrow? Because tomorrow I start life with the BlendTec. Stay tuned for all the major food changes that lie ahead, like fresh applesauce, natural homemade peanut butter, and green smoothies galore. The experiment is about to begin!

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