Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I've got to admit . . .

. . . it's getting better. A little better all the time. Since you've been mine.

When I found out that the BlendTec demo guy is currently camped out at the Costco in St. George, about 5 hours from my house,  I called my dear friend Heather who happens to reside in St. George. I just knew I couldn't wait 11 whole days for the traveling blender man to make his way back up north—his next stop is actually Orem from 4/16 to 4/24 and then on to Lehi and Bountiful. As luck would have it, Heather's brother was visiting her from the land northward, so the two of them bought it from the St. George Costco yesterday, he drove home that same day, and then I drove to his house to pick it up today!

How far will you go for a BlendTec?

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