Monday, April 12, 2010

Alkaline vs. Acid Foods

Okay, you guys. This is really getting good now. I love doing all this research and knowing I'm onto something.

Saturday I went to dinner with a friend Emily who briefly explained her vegetarian eating habits. They were inspired by her grandpa, who converted over when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer 20 years ago. He's a walking miracle who's survived countless death sentences. They keep giving him a couple months to live, but who's counting after 20 x 12? Some quick math in my head says that's 240 more months than doctors ever imagined.

So in the process of our conversation, Emily explained that her grandpa and, more recently, her dad are on an alkaline diet. Ring any bells? I'd vaguely heard of it, but I do know from my years of chemistry that alkaline and acid are complete opposite ends of the spectrum. Our society's foods tend to be more acidic, so an alkaline diet brings our body back into balance.

So I haven't spent much time researching alkaline and acid foods in depth, but I just came across this food chart to give us something to build on. It was helpful to me, so maybe it will be helpful to you. Click directly on the chart images to read the text without a magnifying glass.

PS: I had my first taste of almond milk just a few minutes ago. Not bad, not bad at all. And it's even included on the alkaline side of the chart below.

This alkaline and acid food chart comes from the Energise for Life Web site.


Sam said...

Wow most dairy is acidic? Keep on this Katie, I'm really thinking this is a big key to helping you in your process of getting healthy. Just checked out a new book from the library called "The China Study", supposed to be the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted.

Dayna Slack said...

Interesting... i will keep reading...