Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Healing the Body, Mind, & Spirit w/ LIGHT: A Talk

Almost 2 years ago a good friend and past roommate of mine, Kaylynn, invited me to go hiking. Her bishop (similar to a pastor), loved the outdoors and every weekend would organize a hike for the members of their congregation. The hike was beautiful, and even though I didn't meet any new dating prospects (no guys even showed!), I connected with new friends to the point that this wonderful bishop wanted to hear more about my experiences of healing from rheumatoid arthritis—he felt like I had something his congregation needed.

So a few weeks later my friend and I went to lunch with the bishop, and he asked me question after question about my health journey that had turned into a profound spiritual journey. After I told him the details of how I came to know how to heal my body, he asked me to be a guest speaker during the main church service for his congregation. I was floored! I was overjoyed! But I was most of all humbly grateful—it humbled me to the core. After learning so much, all I wanted to do was be able to share that knowledge and those experiences to help other people, and here the opportunity came so easily! I accepted without hesitation.

Now, I've had this blog entry and audio recording prepped and ready for almost 2 years. I've been waiting for the right time to share because it is deeply personal, and especially personal because it was recorded in a holy space. Because I care about you all as my friends, I know that you will respect this part of me as I appreciate and even rejoice in your unique traits. All of you teach me so much! When we come together we can all learn and grow in ways we never could alone. (And before I go any further, we have my sweet grandma to thank for this recording . . . she couldn't be there, so she asked that we record it for her. My mom did come to support me, which meant the world to me, and a surprisingly familiar face was coincidentally in the audience too!—my dear friend Amber. She and I both know it wasn't a coincidence.)

I know that regardless of your religious background you can glean something from this talk that will speak to your heart and be just what you needed to hear. You'll notice that when I mention God, I call him Heavenly Father—for you this can be your personal Higher Source. I also talk about the Spirit, which I believe inspires and prompts and fills us with peace and joy. You may have felt this delicious feeling before and call it something else. I talk a lot about the Light of Christ, which is what breathes life into all living things. This can be compared to chi, or the life force. As you listen, apply the words and what you feel directly to your needs and your desires.

Most importantly I want you to know that there is untapped greatness inside you. I KNOW that God wants you to discover your highest potential and live it wholeheartedly! And I know that most of us are living far below our potential. Please listen to this talk and let it inspire you to not settle for the side of the trail but continue upward to the untold beauties at the top of the mountain, as I share in this recording.

Click here to go to SoundCloud to hear the audio.

You each have much to teach me, too, so please share your comments and let's get an enlightening discussion going.