Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender (lavandula augustifolia) is known as the "swiss army knife" of essential oils because of it's versatility. Some of it's primary benefits are it can balance and normalize body functions, promote tissue regeneration, speed up wound healing, can sooth and relax the mind and body, can ease body aches and pains, and can clean cuts, bruises and skin irritations.

It is one of my favorite essential oils and I use it often. I like to add a couple drops to a soap gel in a warm bath for relaxation, have put a drop on my palms and spread on my pillow at night and have found it to be very soothing, and often dilute a drop with coconut oil and spread on my face to help with acne scars and have noticed a difference in my skin. The other day I put it on my wrists and earlobes while being a chaperone for my daughter's kindergarten class and it was very calming. Yesterday my youngest son was jumped on by several small dogs on his bare legs which left scratches and a small bruise. I diluted a drop of lavender oil with some coconut oil and spread it over his legs. This morning the scratches were mostly gone and the bruise looked like it had been healing for several days.

One interesting thing I have read is that it can actually stop bleeding by adding a few drops to a wound. There are also other oils that are known for being able to do this as well. How about adding some essential oils to your first aid kit?

Here are a few of the many ways it can be used:
  • Soothe minor burns by applying 2–3 drops to the affected area.
  • Rub oil on dry or chapped skin to moisturize the affected area.
  • Add a few drops to a cotton ball and place it in closets and drawers to scent linens and repel moths and insects.
  • May be able to minimize the appearance of scar tissue by massaging the oil on or around affected areas.
  • Place a few drops on a wet cloth or dryer sheet to deodorize and freshen your laundry.
  • Diffuse to minimize seasonal discomforts.
  • Diffuse to set the mood for a social gathering.
  • Diffuse or inhale to calm your mind, body, and spirit after a hard day’s work.
  • Inhale to soothe and relax the body and mind.
  • Make an herbal tea by mixing 2 drops of lavender essential oil (therapeutic grade) with 1 teaspoon of blue agave syrup and adding to warm water.
  • Add 4–5 drops to a bath gel base and use in warm bath for relaxation.
  • Drop 1–2 drops on your pillow to aid in a restful night of sleep.
  • Massage several drops on feet to promote relaxation. 
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*I recommend only buying therapeutic grade essential oil from reputable companies, especially if you are going to use them internally.

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