Saturday, July 28, 2012

Create. More. Love.

Just getting ready for a bridal shower and let my creative juices flow. I'm a total gift bag/shopping bag recycler, so I pulled out a LOFT bag and started cutting up a scratch sheet of some of my watercolor art to cover up the store name (the other side of the bag has an orange watercolor starfish happily covering up LOFT). Then when I turned the bag over I decided to paint a V and an E to spell out LOVE! What bride wouldn't love this? I love to create! To be honest I was in a super annoyed/angry/crappy mood until I let myself explore some ideas and create, and now I'm feeling sooo much better.

Life Lesson: Love can come of any situation, any combination, if we let go and let our heart lead the way. And taking time to be creative can totally shift and lighten your mood!

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