Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting Chomped

Some of you may remember the post from last year about the queen of our garden, Lady Sunflower, who appeared quite unannounced but much to our delight. We adored her. She spread sunshine over our entire garden. A few weeks ago five new little baby sunflower plants peeked up out of the ground, and instantly became our pride and joy. We just can't wait to see them grow as big and as beautiful as their mama. They are the sweetest little guys, already with fuzzy stems and full green leaves!
Last Monday morning I went out in the garden to check on our plants. I scanned the soil for the sunflowers, but I couldn't see any green. My heart sank. Then I saw them. They were strewn about the garden. One lay motionless (obviously, but you know) and rootless on the opposite end of the garden, two of the babies were still firmly in the ground but their leaves had been chomped off, and two of the plants lay on their side, roots still attached. I was so upset. So angry! But at the same time I knew I wanted these little sunflowers to live without any more deer attacks, so I forgave the deer. I know. I wasn't easy. I said some peaceful prayers asking that the deer find greener pastures and no longer desire our yard. 

And then I replanted. I quickly picked up the little sunflower whose roots were gone and put him back in the ground. I know that many of you may say this was silly because plants can't grow without roots, but my faith was great. I talked the little plant through it and told him how his roots would grow back. Just because something doesn't usually happen doesn't mean it's impossible—maybe no one has ever believed. Well I believed. I could already see my garden with five regal sunflowers, and so this little guy was going to grow his roots back.

Then I went to the plants with roots still attached and placed them near their sunflower brothers, telling them they'd grow their leaves back and that they'd soon be strong enough that the deer wouldn't mess with them. I dusted off the other two plants still in the ground and told them the same thing. To keep growing and soon they'd be strong enough that they would never get chomped like that again.

The well-being of our little sunflower babies never left our minds all that week, and we kept praying that they would be protected until they could get strong enough. I kept seeing all five of the sunflowers watching over our lush garden, and it made me feel so happy and secure that they would be safe.

It's been eight days, and we still have our five baby sunflowers. And the plant that lost his roots is growing back faster than the plant that was uprooted and still had his roots. I believe in sunflower miracles. I believe faith is real, however we choose to use it in our lives.
How many times do you think our Heavenly Father gently picks us up, dusts the dirt off, and replants us? Sometimes our roots are still intact, but sometimes they got chomped clean off. And in all reality, sometimes we're the ones doing the chomping. Some days it seems easy for me to surrender, let go, and trust, but those are usually the days when I have been brought the lowest and am utterly exhausted. Why do I let myself get to that point instead of trusting that He will do the healing? I know that. I think that's what often makes this dance so hard, because knowing we should let go and trust often makes us struggle even more. But I do believe in miracles and I do believe we are each deserving of a miracle. A little sunflower taught me so.


Vee said...

I'm sooo glad to see you back on your blog! I was slightly worried about you, but you came back...just like your sunflowers! I could use some of your faith lately. Something has knocked me down and I've been amazingly dizzy for almost 3 weeks. I thought it was allergies, but found out that it could be the herbal pills I'm taking. The dr. said a batch of the pills were making people dizzy. I really feel defeated after all my hard work and progress. I could have hypoglycemia, too. 8(

I'll have to keep the sunflowers in my mind and it will strengthen me. Could you put a chicken wire fence around the flowers, just in case?

Kate said...

You've been working so hard, Verna! I'm so sorry you've been feeling dizzy after all your progress. I'm still so amazed at your dedication to your new diet, so I bet it's frustrating to not feel so good again. Yes, think of the sunflowers!! Maybe you should also see yourself skipping around the sunflowers in the garden.:) That will help you. I believe that miracles come if we're looking for them, and they usually come in the least expected way possible. I'm praying for you! xoxo