Monday, May 16, 2011

"_ _ _ _ _ _ _ isn't everything, it's the ONLY thing."

At the moment I'm breaking in my new SmartWool PhD light half-cushion running socks and playing around with my new Nike running band, which just arrived, thanks to See Jane Run. What does all this mean?? Go ahead and say it! . . . I'm running again!! Literally and powerfully and joyfully my body is moving like it's never moved before, and this new kind of motion has become quite an addiction. An exhilarating mix of pure gratitude and complete awe at what I'm capable of. Every time I run, the thought comes to my mind, "This is your life!" and I know this is a good life. A good, good life.

In January I knew I wanted to run again, and for the first time in ten years I believed I could. First I bought a pair of running shoes, then some running shorts and running socks. I was painting a very clear picture of what I wanted. I wanted to create some hype for myself, turning 30 years old and all the end of March, and really wanted to be running before that. But it didn't happen. So I patiently waited and health-ified my body even more and officially started running April 21st. But boy was I walking before that and even when I did start running it was about 5 minutes at a time with a lot of walking in between. On Saturday I ran 4 miles in 45 minutes and felt great. Anyone up for doing a half marathon the end of the summer? The best part is, I'm serious.

PS: I will keep you posted on how the new socks hold up after a long run. And once I figure out the running band, you'll be able to follow my running online and know that honest to goodness, these feet are  not just walking without pain, they are running up hills and down. For now, check out my running log by clicking here or start your own by clicking here. Sam will have to give you her running-log info too, so you can see what a stellar runner she is. Watch for her in the next summer Olympics.

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