Saturday, March 21, 2015

More on Thyme and Snoring

Ever since I published the post "Snoring Has Finally Met Its Match: Thyme," I cannot begin to tell you how many of you have approached me saying, "Is it true? I need to try this. My wife would love you forever if it worked!" Of all the posts on my blog, Google searches keep bringing people to this post more than any of my other posts! Snoring is that much of an issue. Some of you snore, some of you sleep next to a snorer, but all of you would give anything to either tone the snoring down or make it entirely obsolete.

Well, here's the update. Our thyme experiment has been two years in the making. At first my husband put a drop or two of thyme on the bottoms of his feet before bed. That evolved into putting a drop of thyme on the palms of his hands and breathing it in. Quickly that turned into him simply putting the open bottle under his nose and inhaling. (This progression happened over the course of a year and a half.) All in all, he would do that every night before bed. Without fail if I started to hear him snore, I'd nudge him and ask, "Did you put thyme on?" He'd grumble in his sleep and say, "No, I forgot," and grab the bottle off his night stand to take a whiff.

That's not to say thyme always worked. Will still snores on random occasions, but he doesn't bring down the house night after night like I wrote about in my post two years ago. (Click here to read it.) Some nights it didn't stop the snoring, but usually it did. If we were sleeping away from home, he would usually snore the first few nights. I have no idea why. New bed and pillow change your sleep positions? Or if his allergies were kicking in or he was starting to come down with a cold he would snore. But I'd say 13 out of 14 nights thyme worked amazingly well to prevent snoring.

Six months ago we moved, and the thyme got packed away. We temporarily lived at my parents' while we remodeled our new home, and my husband did not use thyme the entire six weeks we were there. But he didn't snore. Except for random nights like I already mentioned. We now live in our new home, and even though we unpacked the thyme, my husband doesn't need it anymore.

What am I saying? Will no longer needs thyme to stop his snoring. What does that mean? I'm not exactly sure. I can't tell you how thyme works and if it helps your body stop snoring, but I can't deny that it's worked for us. Will thinks maybe I've grown immune to his snores, which could be partially true. But considering that we have a baby who has me awake at night longer than I'm asleep, we can consider that a perfect opportunity for me to hear any snores if there were any. So what have you got to lose?

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